Twenty Years Ago...

Mom Masterminds was launched in June of 2004 by young moms with a vision for something great.  There were voices in the online world who said it would never take off, that work at home moms were too frugal and hobby minded to take building their businesses seriously. Those voices were silenced in a matter of weeks when Mom Masterminds blew up, attracting some of the most dedicated, creative and talented women in the world who would go on to build spectacular six and seven figure businesses.

Now, in June of 2024, Mom Masterminds is coming back. Under the mentorship of Co-Founder Kelly McCausey, a whole new generation of entrepreneurial moms are going to discover the magic of community. 

Want to be part of it all?  If you're an Entrepreneurial Mom with a love for community - you'll be a great fit!

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Kelly McCausey

Kristin Lohmeyer